Space Rated Motors

0.750" (19mm) Right Angle Drive Actuator

0.750″ (19mm) Right Angle Drive Actuator

Avior offers a complete line of high-performance, high-reliability motion control solutions for Space and Aerospace.  All motors and complementary modules utilize standardized  material and precision tolerances, compatible with harsh environments.   Processes and lubrication options allow Avior to customize our standard modules to provide the most cost effective results for your extreme environment / high reliability application.  Operational ranges from 4 Kelvin to +280º C are available.

Stepper Motors are ideal for instrument mechanisms, due to their incremental step control and simplicity of operation.    Avior provides two phase or three phase permanent magnet steppers.  Optional redundant windings, high torque capacity gearing and complementary kinematic sensors linear translation modules are available to complete a stepper motor actuator tailored to your needs.  Standard stepper motor frame sizes range from 0.50” (13mm) to 1.5” (38 mm), with other frame sizes available on request.  Steppers are not recommended for high mechanical power output applications, and the design engineer must be mindful of load inertia mismatch. This link, Stepper Motor Primer AMS 2014-4, downloads a technical paper Avior presented at the 2014 Aerospace Mechanism Symposium.  It details motor performance simulation as well as walks the engineer through the application of torque margin analysis per GSFC-STD-7000.


Stepper catalog V3.0 Metric

Housed Brushless DC Motors are much more efficient and capable of driving high load inertias, when compared to Stepper Motor Actuators.  These motors have tremendous mechanical power output capacity and high efficiency.  Frame sizes up to 3.0” (76mm) and power output to 4 kWatts are currently available.  Avior’s “True-Trap” back emf provides low torque ripple, even with trapezoidal commutation.

Avior Brushless Actuator Catalog

Avior Linear Actuator Design Guide V2_0

SN 0000 -1

Cryogenic Linear Actuator

Limited Angle Torque Motors (LATs) or Rotary Switches are ideal for high-response precision control systems with limited angular range.  Avior provides LATs housed or frameless in simplex or redundant configurations.

Space Rated Cog-less and Conventional Direct Drive Motors are ideal for precision applications where large through bore must be maximized, torque ripple disturbances must be minimized or drive configuration does not allow for geared actuators.  These motors offer smooth performance, sinusoidal back emf with low harmonic distortion, high torque capacity, and are available in sizes up to 10” in diameter (255 mm).   Conventional Motors offer higher efficiency and lower cost , compared to the Cog-less alternative.  Options include titanium or special material mounting flanges, potted (encapsulated) windings and custom mounting interfaces.   Avior’s proprietary techniques of winding lay-in and material selections allow for higher efficiencies (Motor Constant) per unit volume than competitors designs.

Colorado Cogless Catalog 2.2

70 mm Pancake Stator and Rotor

70 mm Pancake Stator and Rotor

Avior Type CL-8.0-.75S Cog-Less Motor


While critical internal dimensions are standardized, Avior provides custom mounting interfaces and output shaft configurations, tailored to specific application requirements.

Additionally, Avior may custom design a motor using the same materials, processes and exacting standards that we have proven in our standard modular designs.